About Lokepara Mahavidyalaya

Lokepara Mahavidyalaya is located in the remote village of Bajarhat under Dheka Gram Panchayet, 23 kilometers from Sainthia. This is a new College established in 2010 with the motive of imparting higher education to the underdeveloped remote area. The idea of the college was conceived three and a half decades back. The first edifice was set up in the then Lokepara football ground by the Headmaster of Lokepara High School, Dr. Nabakishore Hazra and Sri Gopal Dutta, B.D.O of Mayureswar II. The well wishers and progressive minded people of the locality wished to establish a degree college for providing exposure for people in that locality. Remote location, economic handicap and the lack of awareness had always prevented the locals from pursuing higher studies. A college fund termed as ‘College’s Money’ was accumulated by door to door collections from the locals. Zeal for academic upliftment led the locals to contribute 8 acres of land for establishment of the college without any expectation of pecuniary rewards for the said contribution.

But, unfortunately, due to certain unavoidable hurdles, the establishment was postponed for a very long time. Later, in around 2008, The Vice-Chancellor of Rabindra Bharati University, also a native of Lokepara Village, Dr. Karunasindhu Das along with others took up the initiative to execute the task of fulfilling the establishment of the college. The then Education Minister Sri Sudarshan Roy Choudhury led the foundation stone on 20th January, 2011. Dr. Gangadhar Ghosh, being the first Principal of this college, poured his relentless efforts to strengthen the infrastructure of this institution during its nurturing days.